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Washington metro area architects at AMAR Group LLC understand how daunting a building project can be. Whether you are considering building a brand new office building or simply erecting a garage next to your existing home, designing a sound architectural plan for your construction is of vital importance. 

We believe that every single one of our customers deserves the same level of attention and customer service, regardless of the size of their architectural project or of their budget. We will happily take whatever time necessary to ensure that we can find a plan that will fit within your architectural budget, and offer a realistic time estimate.


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After Renovation

Residential Architectural Services

AMAR Group LLC handles every step of the design. In each stage of the design process here’s what you can expect: program and field measuring, code and zoning analysis, schematic design, design development, construction documentation, approved construction sets, and construction administration.

Schematic Design sets up the general idea for a project and Design Development focuses and refines it. Construction Documents fill in all the details.

The final set of drawings will specify every element of the project, from the structure to the paint colors. Between design meetings, we are working hard on your project at every phase.

Today’s architectural technology allows for 3D rendering of the design. Talk to AMAR about providing 3D rendering on your next job.

Commercial Architectural Services

If you are planning to design a new building, or simply need some advice from qualified Washington architects or designers and live in the greater Washington area, give AMAR Group LLC a call today. We will be happy to offer you more architectural information and set up an appointment with one of our qualified architects so that you can get your architectural project completed in no time.

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January Newsletter 2022: Happy New Year!

ARHA retained AMAR Group in June 2021 as Project Managers for a fast-track renovation of 38 Park Place and 5 Saxony Square units to create market-rate quality with a 20-year viability. AMAR served as Construction Managers for ARHA’s repositioning strategy under HUD Section 18 qualification. The project consisted of level 2 renovation of all units, phasing and resident relocation during construction. Our team developed a Scope of Work, specifications and material boards using ARHA’s vendors to ensure product delivery during construction.

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